21 Dec2015

[GLA] Bizarre Tempo 15.01.16

Posted by AIC • Dec 21, 2015


with an eerie high pitched bark, she beckons you forward. yielding but resisting, you brace the sharpness and stinging of the waves. the moans and cries, the sonorous echoes and murmurs of the deep tempt you below. beneath the water, her shadow dances its obscure and blubbery dance…

Bizarre Tempo, G42 collectors and selectors, present the first night of what we hope to be many.
A vinyl only quest into the techno machine of the future: throbbing, dreamlike, acidic, fluid.

The Bizarre Tempo Collective:
Joel (Tabernacle)
Kev (Calderroom)
Emily (G42)
Andy (Jak/Full Dose)

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