21 Jan2014

Slabs 182 - .thejass.

Posted by Joel • Jan 21, 2014


Over 3 years have past since the Brooklyn based artist .thejass. last featured on the site with what he called “Murdered Out Techno”. This remains a truly unique, almost otherworldly mix. So we were very happy when .thejass. reconnected late last year with news of a second volume which we present to you now.


“Murdered Out Techno Vol.2” a .thejass. exclusive mix for Slabs Of The Tabernacle

Murdered Out Techno is about as far away from electronic dance music as you can get before it stops being dance music. Murdered Out Techno Vol. 1 was like hearing techno music in a dark alley outside of a dance club; “Murdered Out Techno Vol.2” brings the heavy layers of doom metal, drone, and dark ambient samples into the DJ booth – the matte blacked out repetitive four to the floor kick drum has increased in pitch and menacing monochromatic tones are sustained long enough to induct any shaman into a meditative blackout. – .thejass.


Attila Csihar vs. Peter Van Hoesen vs. Sunn O))) vs. Milton Bradley vs. Alberich vs. Plastikman vs. Tobias vs. Rrose vs. Chevel vs. Donor vs. Phurpa vs. Hospital Block vs. Gregg Kowalsky vs. Perc vs. Eleh vs. Lakker vs. CM Von Hausswolff vs. Drumcell vs. The Skull Defects vs. Mondkopf vs. .thejass. vs. Kevin Drumm vs. Mike Parker vs. Emptyset vs. Transversible Wormhole vs. Terence Fixmer vs. Delusions vs. Ancient Methods vs. Vozrozhdeniya vs. Phillip Glass vs. Heiko Laux vs. Alexander Lukat vs. D. Carbone vs. Steve Hauschildt vs. Shifted vs. Lustmord vs. Tommy Four Seven



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