23 Nov2012

Slabs 171 - DJ TLR - Live at The Hawktree Golf Club, Bismarck North Dakota

Posted by AIC • Nov 23, 2012


Time for another monster mix, this time from Crème’s DJ TLR, accompanied with his customary ‘reasoning’ behind it’s existence.

A live DJ set celebrating the inauguration of James Olsom II as club treasurer, performed at the Hawktree Golfclub, Bismarck North Dakota in the summer of 2012.
Over 2,5 hours of INTENSE pure RAW ROCKIN HOUSE in all its forms, with no attempts to smooth out the moments of pure UNHINGED MADNESS that drove the bar insane and gave more than a few old hoochies feelings they never thought they would have again. Hey Gopher, just gimme me a paira dancing shoes, a paira ladies and a paira medics!

Caddies agree: listening to House without BASS is like trying to putt with a tire iron.



Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka
Piranhahead – Dreams
Two Dogs In A House – Eliminator
Brian Harris – Crime Stories
Kurtis Scott – If You Feel It
Moon B
John Heckle – Life On Titan
Miss Nicky Trax – Acid In The House
2AMFM – Starfist Lazerbeam
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey
Dr Derelict – Dance Doctor
Anaxander – The Candy Stand
Chip E – MB – Dance
Marcellus Pittman – Erase The Pain
Ron Hardy – Sensation
Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall
TCP – Oasis
Tee Scott – Sixty Nine
Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
Joe Smooth – I Need Love
Moodymann – The Third Track
Omar S – Strider’s World
Saturn V – H-Sync
William S – I’ll Never Let You Go
Derelict Bass
Theo Parrish – Delwood II
Audio Atlas – Guatamala
Carl Craig – Sandstorms
Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves
D’Marc Cantu – Black Tears
Delano Smith – Something For Myself
Dream 2 Science – Liquid
Fan Of 83 – Love Inside
Francois K – Moov
Legowelt – Tubbsremix
Marcello Napoletano – Linguetta Acida
Marshall Jefferson – Open Your Eyes
Mick Collins – Aggregate Goals
Omar S – Flying Gorgars
Pleasure Zone – Hold These Nuts
Rinder & Lewis – Gluttony
Track Show – The Night
Sendex – Evidence
Criminology 11
Allesandro Izzo – Il Fragille
G-Strings – Images
Harmony Funk – Can’t Let You Go
Joe Smooth – One Moment In Love
Lil Louis – Jupiter
Sleazy D – I’ve Lost Control
Sneaker – You Think
Blake Baxter – Get Layed
Brian Bazic – Go Man Go
DAN – Premintal
Hill – Delicate Rose
Joe Smooth – Children Weep
Kyle Hall & Funkineven – Night
Laurent X – 12AM
North Clybourne – We’re Gonna Work It Out
Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life


16 Nov2012

Slabs 170 - Suicide Tuesday - Movement 3

Posted by AIC • Nov 16, 2012


Let’s get miserable.



Zoviet France – Bell
Hecate vs. Lustmord – Strong Attractron
Martial Canterel – Cruelty Reigns Through Ages
Front 242 – Sample D
Das Ding – Take Me Away
Smell & Quim / Expose Your Eyes – Athletico Spunk
Demdike Stare – A Tale Of Sand
Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music II
Mørkelagt Bevegelse – The Chamber
Klaus Nomi – Keys Of Life



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