28 Sep2011

Andrew Ingram - Expedition.Lunar

Posted by AIC • Sep 28, 2011


A fresh mix for Lunar Disko (Dublin) ahead of their Halloween party. New tracks from The Analogue Cops, Gosub and Elec Pt.1, a Mark du Mosch sandwich, some old favourites, and a track from the next release on Tabernacle.

Andrew Ingram – Expedition.Lunar by LunarDiskoRecords


Arcanoid – Protozoo
Daniel Andréasson – Ibis228
Legowelt – Moves For Cee Cee
Planet Gong – My Heart, My Soul
John Heckle – Inside Me
Elec Pt. 1 – Fukka
Obtane | Claudio Prc – Antikythera Mechanism
Mark Du Mosch – Reminiscing
Chrome – My Reflection
Mark Du Mosch – Getting Off
The Analogue Cops & Blawan – 45 Dollars
Syquest – Synapse
Trajical Bitch – Gang War (Elec Pt.1’s A.C.III.DDDD Mix)
Format #1 – Solid Session (Legowelt Remix)
The Transhumans – Ethical System
Gosub – Touch Terrorist
The Exaltics – The Wrong Direction
Lost Trax – The Eye (forthcoming on Tabernacle Records)

Lunar Disko Halloween Fancy Dress Party
Bank Holiday Sunday 30th October

Neville Watson [Clone / Rush Hour]
John Heckle LIVE [Mathematics / Tabernacle Records]
Andrew Ingram [Slabs of the Tabernacle / Tabernacle Records]

The Underground, Kennedy’s, Westland Row, Dublin 2



07 Sep2011

Slabs 153 - Rick Nicholls

Posted by AIC • Sep 07, 2011


Manchester’s ‘Bohemian Grove’ have been bringing a list of contemporary techno names to the city for just over a year now – and like all the best clubs the residents are just as entertaining. The youngest of them made this electro orientated mix for us.



ERP – Repose
Drexciya – Species Of The Pod
Transits Of Tone – Warfare Beats
Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape
Aux 88 – Step Into The Light
Drexciya – Under Sea Disturbances
Anthony Shake Shakir – Fact Of The Matter
Fix – Shaftism
Mr. De – Krank Dis Mutha
Maggotron & Palmer Force II – Suburban Reality
Electric Soul – Stereotype
Robert Hood – Side Effect
B Calloway – Lola Falana
Aux 88 – Interstellar Funk
Underground Resistance – The Hesitation
Random Noise Generation – The Playground
Tom Hamilton – AUX Mind 2005
Mr. De – Shake It Baby
The 65D Mavericks – East Of The Sun
Robert Hood – Ride
Dark Energy – Nightvision
Drexciya – Dripping Into A Time Of No Future
Lacksidaisycal – Friday Night



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