26 Apr2011

Ace of Base, Scooter, Blondes, Death Metal...

Posted by Joel • Apr 26, 2011


With the next release on Tabernacle Records now imminent, we thought it would be good a time to share some more information on the multi-talented Swede in question. Our first meeting with Daniel (camera and Stella in hand) was at a music festival in Wales back in 2007. We soon found out that as well as making some intriguing electronic music he was also an excellent photographer. Sharing our passion in certain techno music, he visited us in Glasgow a number of times and has taken some wonderful shots of the city and of our Slabs parties.

Slabs of the Tabernacle, May 2009

Glasgow 2009

John Heckle, July 2010

Slabs of the Tabernacle, July 2010

His own label autodidaktrecords has been steadily releasing 7”s since 2007. From lo-fi folk to ghetto and breakcore, each record varies greatly in genre. He is working with New York rapper Sensational for the next label release later in the year.

autodidaktrecords 001-003

To complement the wide variety in his music he has taken on different aliases such as Johnny Blossom and Robert Wales. Robert Wales is his experimental, mysterious sounding project that sees Daniel singing alongside an acoustic guitar, toy pianos, accordions and whatever else he can get his hands on. The main idea is to record the songs spontaneously and not to change anything in them.
Johnny Blossom on the other hand is his manic acid alter ego.

Latest tracks by robertwales

TABR004, The Sentinel E.P. will be released in May.

‘Ibis228’, video edited by Simon Hewitt


26 Apr2011

Slabs 138 - SUICIDE TUESDAY - Movement 2

Posted by AIC • Apr 26, 2011


Take a long, hard look at yourself.



Mayhem – Silvester Anfang (Deathcrush)
Devils Picnic – Untitled 4 (Pomme Ou Pas Pomme)
Zoviet France – Norsch Imirsch (Norsch)
Goatvargr – Goatsbane / Scapewolf (Black Snow Epoch)
A Place To Lay Your Head – Noise Unit – Grinding Into Emptiness
TenHornedBeast – I Am The Spearhead (Hunts & Wars)
Genocide Organ – Keiner Kommt Zurück (Leichenlinie)
Painkiller – The Toll (Collected Works)
Burning Witch – Tower Place (Crippled Lucifer (Seven Psalms For Our Lord Of Light))


12 Apr2011

Slabs 136 - Anom Vitruv

Posted by AIC • Apr 12, 2011


This substantial mix comes from mysterious Swiss producer, Anom Vitruv. Check his current production on Soundcloud and buy his new release through this Travels Vol. One compilation on the Falkplatz label.



Dreesvn – Untitled
Pom Pom – Untitled
Anom Vitruv – Ann Arbor At Night
Unit Moebius – Dreamscape 500
Andy Stott – She’s Gone Wrong
D’Marc Cantu – Hungry For People
Hieroglyphic Being – Untitled
Ben Klock – Voyage One
Traxx Feat. Legowelt – MTT Inversion
Alex.O.Smith – Mid 90’s
Chicago Skyway – Its Okay
Rude 66 – Two Worlds
The Third Man – Messier 66
Brooks Mosher – Jupiter Attack
Marko Fürstenberg – Espenhain (sgi_s Remix)
Obsolete Music Technology – Latency
$tinkworx – Amira
Myon – Odyssey Red
R-A-G – Beyond (Aroy’s Dub)
Jared Wilson – This Love
Legowelt – DX Days
Actress – Always Human
Anthony Shakir – Get A Feeling
Anom Vitruv – Ann Arbor In The Morning
Mix Mup And Kassem Mosse – We Beat This Thing
Marcello Napoletano – Back 2 The Riot
Theo Parrish, Osunlade, Rick Wilhite Feat. Billy Love – Blame It On The Boogie
John Roberts – Glass Eights
Rick Poppa Howard – Do What You Have to Do (Vocal Mix)
Oni Ayhun – Untitled
BNJMN – Blocks
EOD – Prune Acid
John Frusciante – Untitled



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