12 Nov2010

Slabs 121 - A Tribute to Gregory Isaacs & Sugar Minott

Posted by AIC • Nov 12, 2010


2010 has sadly been a year that has seen the passing of two reggae greats – Gregory Isaacs and Sugar Minott. In order to show our respect and appreciation of their musical talents we are posting a selection of their tracks as a tribute.


Reggae music has a wealth of legendary singers and I say without a moments hesitation that Gregory Isaacs is my favourite. In song, the way he achieved warmth, wisdom, sexuality, vulnerability and perhaps most importantly refined humour is sublime. I can always rely on the Cool Ruler to brighten my day. This collection of tracks is by no means a best of: in honesty I have not even heard half of his releases. These are just a few that I feel strongly about, mostly from around the 80s digital era, with a few stone cold classics thrown in for good measure. Thank you for the memories Gregory. Lordy Lord Lord! – Joel Shaw

Gregory Anthony Issacs 1951 – 2010



Report to Me
My Number 1
Cool Ruler Come Again
Red Rose for Gregory
Nah Leave
Cross the Line
Night Nurse

Sugar Minott was blessed with an undeniably sweet and graceful voice. From the very first listen I was hooked on his sound – an expression so endearing and driven by inspiring conscious lyrics. His warm tones were always rooted in sincerity and affection and, in the music, this created an effortless and intimate engagement with the listener. And with a career spanning a vast range of styles of reggae such as roots, dub, danchehall and lovers rock he must surely be considered one of the most versatile and respected Jamaican singers. – Jasper Shaw

Lincoln Barrington ‘Sugar’ Minott 1956 – 2010



Herbsman Hustling
All Kinda People
Hard Time Rock
No Vacancy
Ain’t Nobody Moves Me
Lonely Days
Roof Over My Head


10 Nov2010

Slabs 120 - Love Rat

Posted by AIC • Nov 10, 2010


A new mix for Glasgow’s internet radio station ‘Radio Magnetic’. A couple of new releases, some old cheapos and a few awkward party tunes.


Appointment – Untitled
Virgo Four – Look Into Your Eyes
John Heckle – Haunted House
Mark Du Mosch – Mice Vs. Cat
Les Invalides – La première fois
New Design- Some Like It Hot
Chico Crew – Acid Pages (Book Mix)
Rhythmatic – Demons (Raw Mix)
Unknown Artist – Who’s Gonna Give Us The Answer (Magic Juan Mix)
Barada – Flesh
Laurent X – It’s Magic (Underground Mix)
Electrick Dragon – 3rd Plan
Andy Romano – L’Amour Robotique
Shy Rose – I Cry For You (Instrumental)
Ghetto Bothers – Arragance
John Heckle – Track Five
Gene Hunt – US Studio
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
Gwendolyn – Come To Me (Long Mix)


Radio Magnetic


09 Nov2010

SIGNALS / Road to Rimini

Posted by Joel • Nov 09, 2010


So a little bit of news from the north east, pet!

A few of that Road to Rimini mob in Newcastle have now started up the record label “Signals”. They have some very exciting releases lined up over the coming months and with their first record due out in a matter of weeks here’s what they have to say:

“Signals is the label set up by some of the guys responsible for the UK night Road to Rimini and for their first pressing they present UK duo The One.

The One are drummer Joe Ryan and vocalist Emeson Nwolie. For this, their debut 12inch, they offer two sublime cuts that give delicate nods to the vocal Chicago House of Fingers Inc and the 80s soul of Alexander O’Neal, Jam & Lewis and the S.O.S Band.

Remix comes courtesy of Den Haag’s finest; Legowelt (aka Danny Wolfers) who provides a deep Chicago, smacked out version of the title track.”

An edition of 200;
hand numbered,
12inch black vinyl,
limited A3 artwork insert on a decent weight, uncoated stock.

Listen to samples here

Available soon from clone

Sadly November also sees the last ever Road to Rimini party taking place on the 20th at the Star and Shadow cinema. This is not to be missed!

Advanced tickets can be purchased online

And lastly, I have started contributing/co-presenting on the the weekly Signals online radio broadcast. This has started up with thanks to the kind people at the Newcastle University Culture Lab Radio. We have been doing live shows every Sunday night for the past month which has a been much fun for all involved. There’s live mixes, features, much heated discussion and even some “witty banter”. You can tune in from 8pm to 11pm every Sunday. More details of this weekly special broadcast can be found here.



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