29 Nov2008

Slabs 032

Posted by AIC • Nov 29, 2008

Sophie's knee

Why do people keep falling over? They should use Titanium Buff, it’s the most useful colour for mixing and is pretty nice on its own too.



X-102 – Iapetus
The Vision – Krush, Kill, Destroy
Blake Baxter – Hornie
Terrace – Bassi[n]c
DJ Future Shock – Synthesizer Technology
Sons of the Dragon – Motor City Matrix SP12 Mix
Spruxxx – Ghetto Bird
Cestrian – Hearse
Sierra Sam – Memory
Suburban Knight – Tiny Toys
Mixworks – 50 Degrees
X-103 – The Gardens
Planetary Assault Systems – In From The Day
Mike Dunn – Damn U All
Shake – Live For Friction
Random Noise Generation – Falling In Dub
Sender Berlin – Kampf Der Zukunft
X-102 – Mimas
X-102 – Lost Moons Of Saturn – Destruction Sequence
Pendle Coven – Exigen


25 Nov2008

The Third Man LIVE in Rotterdam

Posted by AIC • Nov 25, 2008


The Third Man was playing in Rotterdam last weekend at new night ‘Eclectro’. His live set has come on tenfold since we put him on and as the lads who were organising the night recorded it, we thought you should hear it too.



17 Nov2008

Slabs 031 - Meschi 'The Dwelling Place'

Posted by AIC • Nov 17, 2008


We’ve been listening to Meschi’s mysteriously titled mixes for a while now. The mix he has done for us is exactly what we’ve come to expect from him, carefully chosen, dreamy, abstract and robotic selections. This mix is called ‘The Dwelling Place’.



01. michael rother – km6
02. magician’s hat – findhorns song
03. michael rother – blauer regen
04. tangerine dream – first movement: birth of liquid plejades
05. t error 404 – planetarium
06. curve – falling free (aphex twin remix)
07. situations – ice below
08. franz falckenhaus – manhunter
09. brian eno – 2-2
10. der zyklus – formenverwandler

256kbps : 59:40

Meschi will be up in Glasgow and joining the Cyber Dance DJs, Slabs of the Tabernacle DJs and more at the Captain’s Rest on the 2nd January for the all day ‘Years Go By Countach’ party. Check the infinitestatemachine site for his other mixes.


13 Nov2008


Posted by AIC • Nov 13, 2008

Nothing to see here

Slabs of the Tabernacle 008 @ The Twisted Wheel
Saturday 6th December
£5 Entry


Fancy & Spook are no stranger to these parts by now but we wanted to wait until it got cold before we put them on.

Live, fast, analogue electro from the guests with complementary techno and electro sets from the residents. Are you sitting comfortably…

Fancy & Spook are Gavin Hughes & John Davis. Originally from Northern Ireland, they have been living in Glasgow since 2000 and are now part of the thriving electronic music scene based around the city’s Rub-A-Dub Records.

Inspired by a love of all things analogue and constant exposure to the best of international electronic music at clubs like Test, Club 69, and Monox they have developed a tough yet playful take on the classic electro-techno sound.

In late 2005 they set up Heatray Records, with fellow Glasgow artist Craig Bell (aka Ditone) and released the “We Had The Technology” EP in April 2006.

The Detroit influenced electro of that 12” received the Dave Clarke seal of approval, making the Top 10 on www.daveclarke.com for April 2006, and earned comparisons with
Detroit legends Aux 88 and Drexciya.

However, 2008’s “Extended Peril” EP sees their sound come closer to home with British bleeps, bass and bounce coming to the fore. On top of a solid 808 foundation, the influences range from the minimal melodies of Sheffield Techno and the metallic bass mastery of Neil Landstrumm to the eccentric electronics of the J Saul Kane’s Octagon Man project and analogue terrorists Add (N) to X

They specialise in live performance, taking an MPC full of home-made loops and as much of their analogue gear as they can carry to thoroughly road-test their sounds. They have supported J Saul Kane, 808 State, Dynarec, and Cursor Miner and have played out locally alongside fellow analogue fiends Marco Bernardi and the Sleepless Crew.



13 Nov2008

Slabs 030 - Don O'Kane

Posted by AIC • Nov 13, 2008


Moving swiftly onto our next mix which comes from Basic Aly (or Don O’Kane as the taxman calls him). We asked him to get a mix to us after hearing some of his previous endeavours and he promptly came back to us with this stunner.

He’ll be joining Ali Renault on the 3rd January for our first night of the New Year.



Nuance – Loveride – 4th and Broadway
CD III – Get Tough – Rams Horns
Newcleus – Cyborg Dance – Sunnyside
The Jugglers – Boogaboo (Instrumental Dub Version) – Peecker Melody
Drexciya – Organic Hydropoly Spores – Tresor
Universal Funk – Zero One – Bluebird
Funky Family – Funky Is On (vocal) – Third Label
Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin’ Away – Saturn
Harvey Harris – House Jackers (Part 1) – Play House Records
E-Dancer – Banjo – KMS
B12 – Bio Dimensions – Warp



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